the fascination of functional 3d printing

As a little boy we built our wooden rifles with the possibilities of the time. We copied all the details from our father’s rifle and made them out of wood. As good as it was possible with the things we had at that time. It was a wonderful time of youth.

Or what was it like when Lego was used to rebuild these bricks, his impressions. Whole worlds made of bricks.

Times have changed and today with 3D printers you have almost unlimited possibilities to digitally reproduce and print all your impressions and ideas.

The only thing that didn’t change in those days was the fascination to explore and rebuild the big world, the feeling of unlimited possibilities.

And so the idea for this project was born, impressions and fascination as a young boy at that time, today with the current possibilities to live. I built a “wood” rifle again. Only this time it was a 3D print and instead of wood and screws it was filament as a material.

And yes, it still can’t shoot!

But it doesn’t have to, I was able to do that in my active military time. 
But all these functional details work like the original, which was not possible with wood and my possibilities at that time.

Only and alone it was about being the little boy again.

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