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I’m sure you know that! With time and with each level, the number of equipment items automatically increases. And when you’re ready to go, you have to put all your equipment back together. Even if you come back after a demanding training day… then everything will somehow be stowed away somewhere, for the next time.

Our Tactical Gear Stand was conceived exactly from these experiences, in such a way, that like with the fire-brigade everything its place and only still in the expiration with the moving out, the sequence of the putting on of its equipment takes place. And the same when returning home.


We currently offer two models to suit our customers’ wallets as well.

The premium version is made of beautiful woodwork oak.

We build our standard model with MDF. This is an industry medium density fibreboard, which is used today in higher quality, but still affordable furniture construction. But nothing with IKEA, they use chipboard…

Otherwise our models do not differ from each other!

You are welcome to contact us if you need something special for your needs.


We are always developing new options for the Tactical Gear Stand. It is our customers who make our work so unique with new ideas and optimizations.
Especially in the field of 3D printers we are very strong. And so we are able to realize things individually and only to the needs of our existing and future customers.

We love that

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