of course, the model doesn’t shoot!


Like the original, all moving parts work on the M4 CQBR

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All parts have been carefully designed and tested

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3D printing and subsequent assembly are described in detail

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Features overview


As with the model, you can disassemble
the whole model and get access to the interior area.
Every detail of this model was carefully designed according to the original and corresponds to the functions of the original. It can be completely disassembled and all details work like the original.

The Front Sight

The Front Sight can be adjusted and Flash Hidden on or off like the original.

The Trigger

The trigger works exactly like the original. The safety selector does exactly what you expect it to do.

The Stock Tube

The Stock Tube can be retracted and extended just like the original and can of course be locked in place.

The Port Cover

Port Cover behaves according to the original. Like the Bolt Carrier. Catch magazine releases the magazine.

The Changing Handler

The Changing Handler is handled like the model. The Rear Sight can be adjusted

The Magazine

The magazine is functional according to the original. Not for real ammunition!

Video Functions

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