3D Design

3D Print is for us the passion to create things that can be touched.

From a thought to an idea, the digital design and forms, the impatience until it is finally printed out and can be experienced.

There are almost no limits that we could not realize with 3D printing.


Whether prototyping, scenography or other applications – all are implemented with CAD. This is where Creades comes in: We realize your ideas one-to-one as you imagine it. Creades will advise you free of charge in our office or at your location. We know your needs or learn to understand them. New challenges lie very close to us, so Creades is always anxious to meet unusual wishes and requirements.

Even such small things, which were previously almost impossible or correspondingly complicated to do by hand, can now be realized in an uncomplicated way.

we print everywhere we are

Most of our ideas come from travelling. We used to have to wait until we got back home to implement them. This has changed with our mobile 3D printer. We put our inspirations directly into practice wherever we are.


3D visualizations leave a lasting impression. They are plastic, almost “touchable”. Especially in the field of architecture or industrial products, designs can be filled with life. Photorealistic. Renderings and animations are just as much a part of our portfolio as interactive presentations. Above all, 3D images and films reduce complexity. And save many words. Your ideas speak for themselves. And they also convince investors.

3D visualizations animation for a game

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